Funding Sources

Anglers and Hunters

You can purchase your Freshwater Fishing licence online using the BC Government's e-licencing system. Each licence purchase provides funding for HCTF’s conservation projects.

Anglers and Hunters: Champions for Conservation

HCTF's largest source of funding comes from wildlife resource users: the anglers, hunters, trappers and guide outfitters. The licence fees for all of these activities contain a surcharge amount which is directed to HCTF. The Foundation then redistributes this money in the form of grants used to fund valuable conservation work across the province.

Additional Funding Sources

While the majority of HCTF grant money comes from licence surcharges, HCTF also receives funding from other sources, such as court awards, sales of educational materials and donations , increasing our ability to fund conservation work in BC. A yearly breakdown of funding sources is provided in our audited financial statements. While exact amounts vary from year, the following provides a general overview of revenue sources:

Revenue graphic