MacKay Creek Estuary Restoration Underway


b2ap3_thumbnail_MacKay_Creek_Esturay_Restoration.JPGNorth Vancouver, BC – The Habitat Conservation Trust Foundation (HCTF) is partnering with Seaspan Shipyards, Canada's non-combat shipbuilder, to breathe new life into the estuary at the mouth of MacKay Creek. The MacKay Creek estuary is the first of seven degraded pocket estuaries in Burrard Inlet to be restored. It is important to understand that estuaries are one of our most valuable natural resources, more productive per acre than the richest farmland.

"The HCTF's contribution to the MacKay Creek project in support of restoration is consistent with its policy to use monies from creative sentencing awards to address conservation issues at or near the site of impact", said Brian Springinotic, CEO of the HCTF.

Creative sentencing enables judges to use sentencing alternatives beyond the traditional options of fines, penalties and imprisonment. Under this approach, courts can order offenders to make payments to HCTF, who will then invest those funds into science based, peer reviewed conservation projects. To date, the Foundation has invested over $1.3 million, from creative sentencing awards, in conservation projects throughout the province.

The investment by the HCTF in the MacKay Creek estuary is complementary to the restoration work undertaken by Seaspan as part of its Vancouver Shipyards modernization project. Seaspan is investing approximately $270,000 in MacKay Creek estuary habitat compensation works.

"At Seaspan, we believe in acting local and take great pride in our Core Values of care and safety for the communities we serve, the environment, and the habitat around us," said Tony Matergio, Vice President and General Manager, Vancouver Shipyards. We are thrilled to help strengthen a valuable, natural British Columbia resource."

b2ap3_thumbnail_MacKay_restoration_work_HCTF.jpgThe HCTF is working with the community, government, educational institutions and First Nations to maximize the scope and extent of the restoration activities.

"The success of the HCTF is rooted in partnerships and the restoration of the MacKay Creek estuary is a great example of a cooperative approach to achieving a shared vision of restoring habitat in Burrard Inlet", said Harvey Andrusak, Chairman of the Board for the HCTF.

The Habitat Conservation Trust Foundation is a non-profit charitable foundation acting as Trustee of the Habitat Conservation Trust. The HCTF implements a wide range of projects and programs that benefit fish and wildlife populations and their habitats. The Foundation has invested over $140 million in more than 2000 projects across the province, leveraging close to half a billion dollars for conservation in BC.




For more information contact:

Brian Springinotic
Chief Executive Officer
Habitat Conservation Trust Foundation
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Barry Chilibeck
Principal Engineer
Northwest Hydraulic Consultants
Project Lead – Mackay Creek Restoration
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Jeff Taylor
Manager, Communications and PR
Seaspan ULC
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