By Shannon West on Thursday, 24 October 2013
Category: News

HCTF Presents Silver Award at Stewardship Evaluation Workshop

The 2013 HCTF Stewardship Evaluation Workshop brought together an inspiring group of some of BC's leaders in stewardship and environmental engagement. Participants presented the results of their HCTF-funded projects, providing great examples of how licence surcharge money is being used to change behaviors and truly make a difference for conservation in BC.

In additiona to providing an excellent forum for exchanging ideas about stewardship, the workshop was also a golden opportunity for HCTF to present a Silver Award to one of the participants. Board Chair Harvey Andrusak presented a Silver Award to Barb Beasley for her work in protecting native frog populations. Barb's project initiated the construction of a highway underpass system to prevent frogs and other animals from being crushed by vehicles while migrating across roads. The project may not have moved mountains, but it certainly moved highways and close to forty tons of concrete to create safe passage for frogs and salamanders. You can read more about the "Conserving Amphibian Populations & Connecting Habitats Across Roads" project in our project profiles section, and visit Barb's blog for a full account of tunnel installation, along with some recent project updates.

HCTF Evaluation Workshops are held annually, alternating between fisheries, wildlife and stewardship projects. A full report on the 2013 workshop will be posted in our "Publications" page in the coming months, along with some highlights of project presentations. Thanks again to everyone who participated in the workshop, and congratulations to Barb on your award!

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