HCTF Announces $6 Million for Community Conservation Grants

HCTF is proud to announce that it will provide over $6 million in grants this year to protect BC’s fish, wildlife and habitats.

The list of 2013-14 grant recipients was officially released today at the BC Wildlife Federation’s AGM. 139 enhancement and restoration projects will be funded, led by some of the province’s top fish and wildlife experts.

“This money is critical to conserving and managing the diverse range of habitats and species that make BC special,” said Harvey Andrusak, Chair of the Foundation. “Without these grants, much of the critical conservation work happening around the province simply couldn’t get done.”

Since its beginnings in the early 80s, HCTF has contributed over $145 million to conservation projects, and estimates the resulting partnership investments to be worth an additional $400 million.

A complete list of this year’s approved projects is available here, including descriptions and project leader contact information. Some highlights include:

Burrard Seymour River web

  • - Burrard Inlet Restoration Project: the 2007 oil spill in the Burrard Inlet resulted in a $447,000 court award being directed to HCTF as part of the increasing movement towards using creative sentencing in cases involving environmental infractions. HCTF will invest this money into a number of projects working to restore and enhance estuarine, intertidal, and riparian habitats of the Inlet (see photo at left)



- Over $700,000 has been committed to projects increasing angling opportunities, including the Learn to Fish program, lake aerator installation and dock placement.

 - Approximately $ 1 million in grants will be provided to projects conserving and enhancing the province's deer, mountain goat, wild sheep, moose, caribou and elk populations.

 - Over $250,000 will fund projects focussed on the conservation of non-game species native to BC, such as the endangered Salish sucker and Oregon Spotted Frog.






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2013-14 Approved Project List