HCTF Visits the Cowichan Shoreline Stewardship Project

The Cowichan Shoreline Stewardship Project (CSSP) has been restoring riparian habitat along Cowichan Lake and River since 2014. HCTF staff were invited to a tour of various restoration sites on the 1 st of September, and we were pleased to attend to see the results of this important HCTF funded stewardship project. The CSSP is a combined effort between the BC Conservation Foundation (BCCF) and the Cowichan Lake and River Stewardship Society (CLRSS), with the later as the main “community lead”. The CLRSS is made up of local residents with a strong desire to preserve and protect terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems that surround and sustain the lake. In the initial three year phase of the project 2014-17, a total of 26 lake/river shoreline properties have been restored under CSSP, totaling 7,239 square metres of riparian habitat improvements. To date, average plant survival has exceeded 85% for the majority of sites. In this same period, CLRSS volunteers have conducted a total of 282 riparian owner visits around the lake/river, and administered 227 standard surveys designed to gauge shoreline owner knowledge and preferences for preservation of natural riparian habitats. The project has been funded for another three-year phase (2017-10), we look forward...
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Increased Funding Available Through Renewed Partnership with FESBC

      The Habitat Conservation Trust Foundation is pleased to announce that we have renewed and expanded our agreement with the Forest Enhancement Society of British Columbia (FESBC). In 2018, FESBC will be contributing up to one million dollars in funding for projects that meet both HCTF and FESBC wildlife habitat enhancement goals and forest stewardship objectives. This will be in addition to the two to three million dollars that HCTF grants to wildlife projects annually. About FEBSC FESBC is a Crown Agency originally established as a Society in February 2016. Currently the Society has received $235 million in funding from the Provincial Government to deliver the purposes identified in its Constitution as follows: To advance environmental and resource stewardship in B.C.’s forests by: i) preventing and mitigating the impact of wildfires ii) improving damaged or low value forest iii) improving habitat for wildlife  iv) supporting the use of fiber from damaged and low value forests v) treating forests to improve the management of greenhouse gases To advocate for the environmental and resource stewardship of B.C.’s forests; and To do all such other things as are incidental and ancillary to the attainment of the foregoing purposes and the exercise of...
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Teachers - Apply for Funding to Take Your Students Outdoors

Teachers: start off the school year on a green note by applying for an HCTF GO Grant. GO Grants provide BC schools and classrooms with up to $600/class or $3500/school to pay for bus transportation, project materials, and leader/program fees for outdoor environmental learning experiences. Since 2012, GO Grants have helped over 35,000 BC students get outdoors to learn about their local environment. Full grant criteria and links to application forms are available  here . The application deadline for the fall intake is September 15, 2017.  For more information, contact HCTF Education at 250-940-9786 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

87+ Acres Conserved for Bighorn Sheep

Penticton —The Nature Trust of British Columbia is pleased to announce the purchase of the Skaha Lake Eastside property near Penticton with the support of many partners and donors.  “So glad there’s been success with the Skaha Lake property,” said Judie Steeves, West Kelowna freelance writer. “As a kid, I used to go hike up on those bluffs and sit and contemplate the future as I looked out over Skaha Lake. I love that area. Saw my first rattler in the wild there, too.” This property which spans 35.4 hectares (87.5 acres) features critical habitat for Bighorn Sheep and other wildlife on the eastside of Skaha Lake. It is adjacent to our existing Skaha Lake Property complex which is included in the McTaggart-Cowan/Nsək’łniw’t Wildlife Management Area. This land has a variety of habitat ideal for Bighorn Sheep. The open grassland dotted with ponderosa pines and Douglas-fir provides grazing area and the rocky steep bluffs provide protection from predators.  “This property is one of the last remaining undeveloped benchlands on the eastside of Skaha Lake,” said Nicholas Burdock, The Nature Trust of BC’s Okanagan Conservation Land Coordinator. “It takes you only a few steps to recognize how beautiful this location is...
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Photos of Englishman River Estuary Restoration

We love to receive photos of our grant recipients' conservation projects, and the Vancouver Island Conservation Lands Management Program  (VICLMP), in conjunction with The Nature Trust of BC , has been doing a fantastic job of capturing and sharing their progress in restoring the Englishman River Estuary in Parksville, BC .  Thanks to Tom Reid, VICLMP Manager, for these images.  Day 1: Removing the remnant roadway that bisected the estuary.  Day 2: Road removal continues Day 3: 1500 cubic metres of fill removed...    Resulting in water flowing through this area of the Englishman Estuary for the first time in over 50 years!  The next day, the first new occupants are already moving in. By the end of day 4, the team has removed 2500m 3  of fill.  Day 5: An early start, but more than half way there. Shorebirds come to check out the newly restored area: Week 2: Placement of large woody debris for fish habitat and connecting the channels. By the end of week 2, 3500 cubic metres of fill had been removed, channels connected, and fish habitat structures installed. Great job! You can read more about the Englishman River Estuary Restoration Project here , or follow VICLMP on twitter for more updates...
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